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What is view in Android | All about view class in Android studio

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View in Android

This class represents basic building components. Building components like EditText, Buttons, or other UI (User interface) Components. What ever we see in the Android screen is View.

Whatever is in your Android screen is View like buttons, Radio Buttons, etc
View occupies a rectangular area of your screen and responsible for event Headlining.  
As shown in image below.

View is the base class of all the widgets. Base class means View is the Parent class of all the widgets in android studio. And widgets are nothing but the UI components. 

  • AnalogClock.
  • Button.
  • Chronometer.
  • ImageButton.
  • ImageView.
  • ProgressBar.
  • TextView.
  • ViewFlipper.

So here the new thing introduces is that View Groups Which is the Subclass of the  View class
What dose I means is the View is a parent class and view Group is the child class which inheritance
the base class view. View Group is the Invisible containers which contain other views and other UI components. 

The image above is just only showing view groups But in java there is another format we will discous is later

So ViewGroup is invisible container. what dose it means is that it only contains some other widgets in it. 
These are some of the invisible containers or we can say layouts :
  • Grid View.
  • Linear Layout.
  • Frame Layout.
  • Relative Layout.
  • Table Layout.
  • Card Layout.
  • etc.

View is Present in the android.view package.

public class View 
extends Object implements Drawable.CallbackKeyEvent.CallbackAccessibilityEventSource

So the above image explains every thing about the View which is that In android View is the base class of all the widgets and View group they both extends view class and the View group class is the 
parent of all the invisible components or we can say containers.

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