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Rainy Day


☂ Rainy day ☂

Teacher says write a essay of 5-6 line on Rainy day.
Naughty student of class 2nd only remember the essay of cow. so now he is in trouble.He started thing off and trying to write Some thing. He know the meaning of Rain but he think that Rainy is the name of some animal or something else. He started writhing.

Rainy day 
  1. Rainy is very good thing
  2. Rainy have 2 arms and 2 legs.
  3. It have 2 eyes and one nose.
  4. Rainy is good name.
  5. Rainy name sounds like rain so Rainy like rain.
  6. Rainy makes me feel so good.
  7. Rainy is very beautiful.

Hehehehehe now you guys Give this student number out of 10 in the comments below.

So as today 9-September-2018 at my city Kapurthala there is raining alot.
So I shared some images and write some line on rain and this story above was stuck into my mind so i wrote in my blog. so please share this post to every one and enjoy watching image 

Life is full of beauty. ..


The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain.

The sound of rain needs no translation

 By the way that naughty student was me.In second class.