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As we can see this game is on Trending now. If there is a computer ,xbox and mobile. This game is crushing the every game. And it become very popular now a days. In India everyone is playing this game. first off let me tell you why it is so popular.

It is very Popular because firstly is the multiplayer game and we can interact with each other. This become very Unique for mobile phones users and this feature was not available in any of other game. So this thing sound unique to everyone And in India there is Alot of Smartphone users that's it is more popular in India. Its like a kind of open world game and Multiplayer we can play it with friend and family so that is the reason why it is so famous game Now a days.   

Let's Just talk about some the facts of pubg game:-

  • It brakes the record of the game DOTS 2. There is 134,280 Players playing this game PUBG at a time. So it brakes the records.


  • In pubg the is 100 Players playing game But in reality there is only 70-80 real peoples are planing only and other 20-30 are bots. means these are programmed by developer to play inside a single match. this is because to decrease the difficulty of the game.So  as No one can bored or frustrate with this game more and more play this game. and this the strategy of the developer that every one can play game without getting bored and frustrated.

  • So as you can when you win in this game then there is massage over there is that "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner"

this line is very old when peoples were play in casinos or beats. Then they really dose Chicken Dinner after winning the match. In those was very costly and only some people can afford the chicken and when they win some money Then they dose Chicken dinner.
  • There is 2 million copies of this game were sold in just one month.

  • we can record 3D Cinematic view in PUBG computer. Like movie we can take shoots from different angles.

  • This game is not advertised any more. the Success behind the popularity of this game is we People. This game is popular with the help of Word of mouth. like i play this game and i tell my friend to play and my friends tell other peoples. and so on.

  • Brendan Greene known as Player Unknown likes to be anonymous on occasion. Rumour has it he took his default nickname in ARMA 2 was Player 1, so he changed it to player unknown to create a character on the server. He liked the sound of it, so Greene used his nickname in the video game brand and his company.

  • Driving around the PUBG map will be much faster to reach places. The Dacia is the best car you can drive in, providing you speed, protection to take cover and carries four people if you are playing in a team.

We hope you enjoyed reading these 12 interesting PUBG facts!

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